Caulfield Cup Betting Online

Horse racing is one of the most popular forms of Australian online betting, and, while the smaller competitions are thrilling to bet on, the larger tournaments are really the high point of any horse racing punter’s year. The Melbourne Cup and the Caulfield Cup are two of the largest horse racing betting events to occur in Australia every year, and offer important insights into each other in terms of who this year’s big winner will be. Many bettors use Caulfield Cup betting as a foundation for the Melbourne Cup and lay their wagers as to how the animals fare in the first determining how they will finish in the second.

It is a horse race reserved for thoroughbreds that was begun in 1879. Held in October of every year, it has been on a steady rise in popularity since its inauguration, and has one of the richest purses in all of Australia, with as much as 2.5 million Australian dollars available to a lucky few. Organised by the Melbourne Racing Club, the race borrows its name from the racecourse it takes place on and is comprised of 2 400 metres of track for horses at least three years old.

Caulfield Cup betting offers bettors a rather rare betting opportunity in the form of double bets with the Melbourne cup, and is one of the main reasons punters anticipate it so eagerly. All the typical betting options are available too, of course, but the horses that do particularly well in the Caulfield Cup often go on to do the same in the Melbourne Cup which follows, and so Caulfield Cup betting takes on a special significance.

The horses that go on to do win both are known as Cups Double winners, and include some of the most illustrious names in Australian horse racing. Many bookmakers go so far as to offer punters doubles betting, a combination of bets that span both Caulfield Cup betting and those that cover the Melbourne Cup.

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Great Variety of Online Bets

Punters have a variety of other bets available to them as well. The win and place bets are probably the most popular, the first being a guess on who will take the Cup overall, and the second where you nominate a horse to place in the first three positions of the race. You can combine these two straight bets too, in the each way bet, and will then claim your winnings according to two separate bets. One win will be accrued if the horse you nominate wins the race, the other if the horse places in the first three positions.

There are more exotically named Caulfield Cup betting options as well, namely the quinella, exacta and trifecta. The quinella bet has punters placing bets on horses arriving in first and second place, and will be able to claim their winnings no matter which order the horses arrive in. The exacta requires you to predict the correct order, and the trifecta the first three placements in the correct order. Any of these bets can be boxed, as well, which means that you select multiple horses and if any should place your payout is secured.