Greyhound Racing Betting

More and more Australian punters are beginning to favour Greyhound racing as they realise how fast paced the competitions are, and how the turnaround time between contests matches this. Another reason for its rise in popularity nationwide is that the payout time for the winning bets made on these sprints is far quicker than the majority of thoroughbred horse race events and harness races. Of course the internet has taken Greyhound racing to new heights too, with punters not having to be anywhere near where the competition is taking place in order to take advantage of it, and Australian bookmakers are making sure online punters get all the information they require to make those winning educated guesses. Get all the latest news, odds and market prices from the great selection of bookmakers featured on this website. You will be able to take part in Greyhound racing almost any day of the year, and will be kept in the loop by the bookmakers.

There are many similarities between the wagers allowed in Greyhound racing and those made on the horse racing betting. Win betting is the first type of wager allowed, and the most popular. It is a great place for those new to the world of this type of betting to begin, and consists of predicting which dog of those assembled will be the winner of any given race. The second type, place betting, generally offers Australian punters shorter odds, and consist of forecasting dogs placing either first, second or third. A combination of these two bets is called each way betting, and this can be great fun for both punters new to the scene and those more experienced. Effectively consisting of two bets, if the dog you selected wins, you will collect money for both the win and the placing. Should it come second or third then you collect money only from the placing bet. The exotically named quinella bet is a process of selecting two dogs to place first and second in a race, and punters collect winning no matter which order the dogs end the race in. A box quinella is also available, whereby more than two dogs are selected, and, as long as your chosen animals place first and second, you win. An exacta bet works very similarly to the quinella, except in this bet the first and second place dogs must be nominated in the correct order. A trifecta needs you to choose three dogs to take the first three positions of the race, also in the right order.

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A Wide Variety of Betting Options is Supported

Doubles bets require you to choose the winner of two races, usually consecutive ones, at one meeting, and all of these bets can be boxed, changing the number of dogs you predict for the win as well as the details required for a winning claim to be made. Greyhound racing betting is a really interesting method of having fun at Australian online betting sites, and the wide variety of bets makes sure everyone’s taste is taken care of.