NRL Betting with Australian Sportsbooks

Australian punters love the game of rugby, and love betting on the outcome, as these games become more exciting when you have some money relying on the outcome. Get that much more involved in the next match your favourite team takes part in when you start exploring all the options NRL betting offers you. Finding a good bookmaker is half the job done when you bet online, and we offer you links to all the best Australian bookmakers nationwide right here. We help you find the best odds, market prices and information available anywhere.

The NRL betting options Australian punters enjoy can be as exciting as the game itself, and there are a variety of ways for you to start winning some money. Head to head bets are probably the most popular type of wagers, and these take the form of punters trying to predict which team will win the game. You can also try to guess whether or not the next try will be converted, with a next conversion bet, bearing in mind that even if a try is scored beneath the posts a conversion is not guaranteed.

Picking the margins is slightly more complicated, but can be that much more rewarding too. Try to guess what the point score difference between the two competing teams will be at the half time moment of the match, the 80th minute, and the end of the match in order to win.

The half time, full time and double bet is when Australian punters try to choose which team will be in the lead at half time, which team will have taken the game by the end of the match, or both. NRL betting doesn’t get more interesting than this, as this bet takes you right to the heart of every match, and a correct guess here and can result in an astonishingly high payout being awarded.

Think you can predict how your favourite team will make its first goal? Then the first score type bet is for you, and is one wherein you try to forecast whether your chosen team will be awarded its first set of points thanks to a try. While this is the case usually, nothing happens the same way every time, and deciding whether the first score points will be because of a penalty goal or that made in the field can make NRL betting a fun way to see what happens next.

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Goal Bets

Field goals can make a huge difference at any point during the game, and with NRL betting you can make a bet on whether or not one will be made at any point during the match. If you feel you have a good idea on which team will take home the most wins in the season then step into the arena of NRL futures betting and have your say, as you could win a tidy sum of money if proven right! With all these options and more, Australian punters take their love of rugby betting to a whole new level.

With all these bets and more Australian punters can start having fun and taking home the winnings thanks to the teams they support.