Rugby Betting Online

Rugby is one of the most popular sports both locally and internationally and Australia has one of the best rugby teams in the world. In recent years rugby betting has become very popular amongst Australian punters and online betting is now the preferred way of placing bets. With online betting, the punter enjoys better odds and real time betting, better than a bookmaker could ever offer.

There are two main types of Rugby and both are played professionally and have betting associated with them. The first type of rugby is the rugby union and this format of the game is slightly slower than the alternative. Rugby union matches consist of about 35 minutes of actual playing time. The second type of rugby is the rugby league; rugby league matches are a lot faster and there is generally about 50 out 80 minutes when the ball is in play. Australians enjoy both versions of the game and enjoy betting on both.

Betting options vary greatly in both the league and the union. There are a huge variety of bets, ranging from the simple straightforward bet to the exotic. The rugby union has 3 major focuses when it comes to betting. The test tournament is the most popular rugby tournament in the world, mainly because it represents all the best national teams in the world. The betting options on these matches are truly great with huge prizes to be won. There are also Sevens and Club matches which are another great viable betting option for rugby punters. These matches are more local and country specific in nature. Although you can still make loss/win bets on these matches, punters can also choose to bet on individual players as well.

When betting on a rugby team, choosing the right team is obviously very important and when you bet on a rugby team, it is always a good idea to do some research first. Everyone has their favourite team, but sometimes it helps to find out if your team is likely to win or not. When it comes to betting, it is always better to go with statistics instead of following your heart.

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Aussies and Rugby Betting

Many Australians enjoy betting on the NRL and it is becoming increasingly popular. NRL betting is becoming one of the most popular forms of rugby betting in Australia and more and more punters are betting on their local teams than ever before. Most Australian online betting sites offer NRL betting options. The average Australian will opt to bet on a single team for a win. On some sites, live betting is allowed, which means that punters can place bets after the game has started. The National Rugby League is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes and is enjoyed by many punters in Australia.

If you are an Australian bettor looking for an exciting game to wager on, then check out the local or international rugby teams and start your rugby betting career today!